Work Samples

My work has featured in several major publications on the web, including MUO, Guiding Tech, and AppleToolBox. I also help SaaS companies, such as MacKeeper, to build their brand authority and attract high-quality customers.

Besides my written work, I am also a member of the editorial team at MUO.

If you don't want to trawl through the 1,000+ articles I've written online, you'll find a cherry-picked set of the best reads below:

In-Depth Productivity and App Guides

How to Plan Your Week in Google Calendar – MUO

How Bloggers Can Speed Up Their Photography Workflow – MUO

Apple Product How-To Walkthroughs

How to Close All Safari Apps At Once on Your iPhone – AppleToolBox

The Top Ways to Fix Unresponsive Apps on Your Mac – Guiding Tech

AirPlay Not Working on Your Mac? Here's How to Fix It – MacKeeper

App Reviews and Opinion Pieces

The Top Reasons to Organize Your Day With Brite – MUO

The Best Productivity Apps for Students – Productivity Spot

What Are the Next Apple Events For 2023? – MacKeeper

Apple Notes vs. Notion: Which Note-Taking App Is Better for Apple Users? – AppleToolBox

My client roster is currently fully-booked. However, if you like what you see, you can inquire about my availability at: (or DM me on LinkedIn) 😁